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The yarn as delicious dish.
The fibers: our ingredients.
The history, the people, thr know-how: our recipes, our blends.

Excellence comes from the research combined with the best fibers in the world.
Rooted in its origins and in line with the promise of service and quality Made ​​in Italy.




TBM Group, to integrate its supply chain, at the end of the 80s, acquired a historic and well-known cotton spinning factory in Verona. Following a well-defined development program, another unit was built in Salerno with modern and versatile systems and processes.

With the increase of production the company started to sell part of the production to the market and users such as knitters, fantasy spinners, weavers and hosiery. In Salerno factory was focused the production that over the years expanded and integrated with new technologies.

SGL Filati is now placed at the top of the Italian textile scene and beyond.


raw material

Our mission has always been to offer our customers the highest quality.
To achieve this target we start from careful and thorough research of raw materials with a focus on natural fibers. Cotton, wool, linen and cashmere are purchased in the most suitable countries and from most reliable suppliers. The next step is further inspection and testing at our specialized laboratories, before putting into production.

The same procedure concerns the artificial fibers used in blends, such as Modal, Lyocell and Cupro, purchased mainly from European manufacturers.



SGL production, to counter the competitiveness of products from the Far and Middle East, focuses on quality and supply of targeted yarns, innovative and tested to satisfy the various needs of customers.

The study and the implementation of our products is directed to anticipate fashion trends playing a proactive role. This allows our customers to meet the changing needs of the final consumer.

The complete vertical integration of TBM Group, which includes spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, allows us to exploit the synergies offered and then develop products ahead of competitors and to test them before offering to our customers. These services are possible thanks to the professionalism and motivation of one team specialized in research and innovation.

Take a loot at the production steps
TBM group – production.


The current SGL offer includes a wide range of cotton yarns that have been developed taylor made for special customers. Carded and combed cottons are joined by the most varied Flamed and Crepe.

The Linen blends include, along with cotton, intimate blends with Modal and Silk also in versions flares and cracks.
The Mixed Wool and Cashmere, involve intimate blends with Mako Cotton and Modal.
Corespun in pure cotton and blended with other fibers, nubby cotton/polyester colored yarn, 100% Modal or Modal /Cotton complete SGL range.
A special mention deserves 100% Cupro and 100% Lyocell Yarns, and also elastic.

For all production a Certificate of Origin “Made in Italy” is available, which is in today’s world an added value. Another “plus” is that most of our customers are followed directly by the internal commercial staff. Getting closer to customers we understand immediately market changes and consequently customers needs.


SGL filati
Offices and Legal Office
Via B.Marcora 1
21010 Besnate (VA)
Tel 0331 988860
Fax 0331988861


Production Site
Via Zona Industriale,
84021 Buccino (SA)

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